About Me

It might sound corny, but photography is so much a part of who I am that I hope in many ways my photos speak for me. I hope you see that I love love. I love families. I love the passion, grit and hard work of small businesses serving their communities. I love sincere moments, beautiful light and real color.

But in case you want to know more about me, here are some other things I love in no particular order: my two lively and adventurous sons, rollercoasters, desserts, my super supportive husband and gatherings with my large, noisy and fun family.

I earned my degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising from UWM. I worked in that field for a several years before starting my photography business. I still bring the spirit of photojournalism to weddings and sessions and love to capture genuine moments with a storytelling approach. I still have a passion for helping small businesses grow and love to do that through helping them create marketing images that create a deeper connection with their audiences.